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Concierge Services Italy  has developed his programs into wedding planning service

Being based in Italy and taking advantage of the many connection mad through our past event planning experiences we are able to arrange religious weddings with civil validity.

You can now get married in any place, a Castle, Palace, Hotel ecc: anywhere the magic setting of our country can help you realize a real dream.

Concierge Services Italy  works with professionals of many countries. All our team members are fluent in Italian, and are English speakers, have travelled the World and work with the Management Team of Luxury establishments and premium Companies with very big and Corporate accounts

Our ability to negotiate the best rates with our suppliers and the sinergy already created with beautiful location makes our research easy and with a fast resopnse that includes thousands of ideas and suggestions, guided by you, about what you require for your wedding.

We can make you land in an helicopter or build a concert arena on a XII century villa, we can create a family atmosphere in a private dining room of one of our Restaurant partners or enjoying Champagne and canapes on board a 16 mt. yacht. You can ask for fireworks, boat excursions on lakes or on the Italian coastline, horse and buggy rides, antique autos, many different kinds of tours with or without private guides and much more.

We will accomdate any of your request!

Relax, is taken care of...

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