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Our services are tailor made to accomodate any request. Either private guests or corporate clients are welcome to use us to get the best out of their deal in our Country.


If you are a PA or the person in charge of the next trip to Italy for your Company Directors or new Trainees do not hesitate to contact us. An Italian expert will folow you through your booking process adjusting the layout of the event based on any date or requirement changes

If you are bringing a client to Italy for an important meeting we will arrange a nice private table for you to discuss business and will make sure the Food and Beverage team of the venue will impress during your lunch or dinner time.


Whatever is the reason for you to come to Italy you have a friend: Concierge Services Italy is ready to organize your short trip, a holiday, a room for 1 night close to where you need, a personal shopper that folllows you all day of your entertainment in any italian City.


Relax... it's all taken care of

Concierge Services Italy

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