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Getting married in one of the anciest churches in Rome, on the beautiful settings of the sea view of Naples or in a local church close to your relative's hometown?

And what about than moving to a Restaurant on the hills where a lovely buffet, dinner and rivers of Champagne will await your celebration of being husband and wife?

Dancing with the attendees, a night in a breathtaking view hotel room and than an Honeymoon taking off from Milan, Rome or Florence!

All you need is one of our Italian experts that will guide you through the whole process, paperworks and travel arrangements for you and if you want all the rest of your friends and family who will attend the wedding!


All we have to say to describe this new adventure is wine. Tailor made wine tours in collaboration with professionals and local award winning wineries for your chanche to live Italy like you never did.

Info and contacts

Visit our contact page, call one of our offices (Milan, Rome and Chester) and get ready to drink some wine!

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